Never Believe It

Ep.44 – Oturaanza! Ray 12:22 (2)

Hypocrite that you are

4 months ago
  1. If You Are Horny You Will Die: beware of being consumed by your wants, for thus, you will be the creator of your own hell. RIP the white haired man in episode 97. Volcel anime confirmed.
  2. Comrade Naruto, sasukwetch, and sakura - “stop hoarding wealth you bourgeouis fuck! Hypocrite that you are”.
  3. Oturan: Smart and Sensible boy, a Master of Tricks. His TRUE appearance is that of a bowlcut and a white bathr
  4. obe.
  5. Oturan has seen our work and sent a vision of himself unto us; he recognises our path as virtuous and commands we follow him.

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