Never Believe It

Ep.49 – Oturaanza! Guy 21:30

Guy was here as well! the WHOLE TIME we just forgot to put his track in

4 months ago

When we view this project through the lens of Hughes' Fish, the essential nature of the text changes, even though its constituent parts remain the same. The components of the piece which once held meaning are stripped of their context and become abstract, even chaotic. 

The meaning they had before their transformation is also undermined; in retrospect their significance refuses to exist, and the object in its pre-transformed state becomes meaningless as well. 

When we apply Hughes' Fish theory, the failure to resolve significant elements after their introduction infuses a nightmarish and surreal quality to the text, standing in the face of comprehension and interpretation, creating a work that's beyond entertainment, legibility, didactic lessons or even making sense at all. 

Do things need to make sense to be good? Do they need to be good to be worthwhile? Do they need to be worthwhile to exist? Do they need to exist for us to exist? Do we need to exist? Do we exist?

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