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Ep.46 – Oturaanza! Ray 40:16 (ATANIH Origins 2)

What does the Naru Tonic Contain

4 months ago
  1. Charachter Crowth
  3. Tears can be two different things: sports juice or naruto watching juice
  4. Tears are the means by which you flatten your brain for absolute purity we want every fucking drop gone
  5. To make a new volleyball player u have to collect the sweat of da boyz 
  6. Naruto got his whiskers by playing cat volleyball
  7. Les bois are your old friends
  8. Doing it for the Boiz is praxis 
  9. Graphic design is yachi’s passion. This is how she does it for the boys and its GOOD. any way that u do it for the boys is good and work
  10. From Each of us, according to our abilities, to each of da boiz according to their need
  11. POEM FOR THE REVOLUTION (in narutonic oturantameter)

Lets Do it For da Boiz Who out there making noise Lets Smoke it for the Team Johny lives Inside Our Dreams If graphic design is all we can do We’ll Do it as much as We Can For You

  1. THE NARUTONIC Is All of the Juices
  2. The first r4ule of oturaanza is to never talk about oturaanza the second rule of oturaanza is that friendship is beautiful

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