Never Believe It

Ep.2 – Amazing! Three Podcasters Finally Explain The Plot of Lost!

you'll Never Believe It (what lost means)

11 months ago
  1. Mischief is good and by cats
  2. Naruto has depression
  3. Establish boundaries early
  4. If you are horny you’ll be fired
  5. Naruto is monetising his depression- when you motitise things that are hard in your life that’s how you become successful and make money 
  6. It’s pretty epic that this feminist show establishes sakura as a doctor and then she is offscreen
  7. She shows us an example of the ideal worker- not depressed, doesn’t need intimacy and human interactions
  8. Sakuras online brand is her side business selling mech of slogans from cool twitter smackdowns of misogynists
  9. Captain yamato is naruto’s band manager

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