No Peace

Ep.3 –The Most Wanted Podcast Episode

The data does not lie

2 years ago

We combined the two most wanted genres of "Actual Play" and "Recap Podcast" into the single genre of "Actual Play Recap Podcast".

The favoured characteristics for hosts were: 1.Smart 2.Funny 3.Invested in their subject mattter 4.Belonging to some form of minority identity Therefore we asked several very funny non-binary game designers to critically analyse an episode of an actual play.

Since the data shows a preference for podcasts that are one hour long, and that contain segments, we have formatted this episode accordingly.

After some supplementary research into the most popular actual plays and their most popular episodes, we present to you: Critical Critical Role

Ray's Dune Podcast | Riley's Podcasting Podcast | Sarah's Yugioh Podcast

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