No Peace

Ep.3 –The Adventures of Kawa: Meet Laaampe!

also page 1 of the manga

3 years ago
  • furnies are socialists
  • power makes u evil
  • laamp has a lil moustache and soul patch (but you'll never guess where!)
  • laamp founded lampertarianism no nuance allowed(edited)

  • kawabungamaru fell into the world and broke all their damn bones,

  • kawabungamaru has never done anything wrong
  • they saved qoqo's life by falling on the person that wanted to kill him
  • laaamp is responsible for the eradication of the centaren't

  • kawabungamaru is abstinence forever

  • kawabungamaru is asexual and they love themselves and its good
  • kawabungamaru knows that theyre in a comic
  • laamp's catchprhase is 'i'm not sorry for party rocking

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