Never Believe It

Ep.1 – The Adventures of Kawabungamaru: Meet Koby!

she is a "Furnie"

1 year ago

We Quit our Jobs because we hated them so now we're drawing a Manga

Notes from episode 1 (which we did without recording)

  1. Ichiban Kowabungamaru
  2. they/them
  3. lives in the grass village blaze it
  4. Cool eye makeup
  5. Cool cowboy hat
  6. Cowboy boots with no toes but with spurs
  7. As many belts as possible
  8. Has a weird tummy scar (backstory???)

Notes from episode 2

  1. aw shit we didnt write anything down oops
  2. look at the podcast art to see what we drew tho

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